2/665 Brunswick St, New Farm QLD
2/665 Brunswick St, New Farm QLD

Get Back Pain Relief For Only $29, With a Chiropractic Consult, Exam AND Adjustment!

Helping Brisbane With Neck & Back Pain Relief
2/665 Brunswick St, New Farm QLD
2/665 Brunswick St, New Farm QLD

Get Back Pain Relief For Only $29, With a Chiropractic Consult, Exam & Adjustment!

Helping Brisbane With Neck & Back Pain Relief

What's Included In This Great Deal?

Detailed Consult

A 1 on 1 consultation with our chiropractors to find out exactly why you're having issues. Finally you'll have the answers you've been searching for!

Full Examination

Our chiropractors will run a series of tests to determine the status of your condition, and a clear action plan to keep you in the best possible shape.

Spinal Adjustment

Once our chiropractors have identified the issue, they will give you a proper spinal adjustment to start treating your condition right away. 

$177 Worth of Value for Only $29

Why See a Chiropractor?

Get Immediate Advice

You might be in lots of pain and are you looking for tips from a trusted professional. We can help you implement steps right away to attempt to assist your pain. 

Find The Root Cause

You might be confused about your pain and you want to know what's wrong and how long it will take to get better. We can help you decide if you need further treatment.

Stay Educated

You might be wondering if physical therapy is right for you. Talking to our chiropractors first will help you decide what’s best for you before you make further decisions.

Why Choose Us?

You'll learn about natural pain management which can help avoid surgery or medication.

​You’ll learn posture and ergonomic principles to help preserve your spine,  helping you stay healthy long term.

You will be able to reduce future occurrences by learning how best to deter relapses

​You will potentially restore muscular flexibility, joint mobility, and strengthen muscles so that you can return to your normal activities faster.

You will potentially manage discomfort by learning how to eliminate symptoms in a couple days, instead of suffering for weeks or months.

Stop letting your pain affect your life, mood and sleep. Book today, so you can get your life back tomorrow.

Professionals in Neck and Back Pain Relief 

It's more than just feeling better. We will educate you through the process, and are committed to helping you stay strong, healthy and pain free for the long term!

17 Years of Experience

With nearly two decades of experience as chiropractors, we give our patients the confidence, comfort, and assurance that they are in the best of hands.

1 on 1 Treatment

Everyone is different. Our 1 on 1 treatment structure will address your unique needs and goals, with the personalized attention you deserve.

Located Near You

With our clinic being located right in the heart of Brisbane, we're able to accept patients in the local Brisbane area and in surrounding areas as well.

Why Is It Only $29?

Many people don't realise that chiropractic treatment can potentially help your discomfort and underlying condition. We are passionate about helping others, and are providing a special offer to let you try it for yourself. If you're happy and would like more treatment, of course we'd love to see you again! Also, this is not a time-sensitive offer and there is no sense of urgency to claim sooner rather than later :-)

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$177 of Value for Only $29
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